Department of Orthodontics

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Angelika Stellzig-Eisenhauer

At the Department of Orthodontics 11 assistants are working under the direction of the chair, Prof. Dr. Stellzig-Eisenhauer. The areas of operation are student education, patient-care and scientific research.

Patient-care at the Department of Orthodontics comprises the total spectrum of orthodontic/orthopedic anomalies including the prophylaxis of tooth and jaw malposition in childhood and adolescence, the therapy of jaw malocclusions using and controlling of the body´s own growth potential, and the correction of tooth malpositions. Special emphasisis is based on the orthodontic treatment of adult patients utilizing specific fixed treatment techniques due to the particular periodontic and prosthodontic situation. Beyond that patient-care at the Department of Orthodontics is especially based on the interdisciplinary cooperation with the other professions of dentistry.