Center for Pre-speech Development and Developmental Disorders [ZVES]


Frau Prof. Dr. Kathleen Wermke

Kathleen Wermke Ph.D.
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News: Prof. Dr. Kathleen Wermke received the prestigious Erskine Fellowship from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Each year, some distinguished, international academic visitors are invited to the University of Canterbury. During the summer 2017, she will stay at the College of Education, Health and Human Development.

Dr. Kathleen Wermke  received her PhD in the field of behavioral physiology at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) in 1986. From 1986 until 2003, she worked as a research fellow at the University Hospital (Charité) in Berlin, where her researche focused on investigating infant sounds and early language development. During that period, she also gave lectures to medical students on a broad range of biological topics. In July 2002, she received a post-doctoral qualification (Habilitation) in medical anthropology from the Medical Department of the Humboldt University. The following year, she was appointed Founding Director of the Center for Pre-Speech Development and Developmental Disorders at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg (Germany). The Center is dedicated to researching early language development, particularly during the first year of infant life. It also provides pre-speech diagnosis for infants and young children at risk for speech and language development impairments, particularly for infants with cranio-/oro-facial clefts or sensorineural hearing impairment (collaboration with the Comprehensive Hearing Center).

How to Contact the Center

The ZVES is located on the campus of the Würzburg Dental Clinic. Visitors: Please see the receptionist at the entrance of the Dental Clinic. You will be picked up there.

The ZVES is located on the second floor of the east wing of the traditional research and teaching building “Alte Chemie”.
Map of the ZVES
Map of the ZVES